Echoes | Solo Show

StolenSpace Gallery, London

8th — 31st July 2016


What began as just a small section of studies in Von’s 2014 ‘Elsewhere’ solo exhibition at London’s KK Outlet Gallery has now blossomed into a body of work in it’s own right. In ‘Echoes’ we see Von push his obsessive exploration into contemporary portraiture and mark making even further. His multi faceted use of graphite means with each development this body of work goes through the line between what is considered a drawing and what is a painting becomes further blurred.

In these portraits Von, once again working with the photography created with Dan Sully, continues along the theme that also began with ‘Elsewhere.’ A response to the loss of personal reflection that is ever increasing in our digital world, his work portrays those intimate moments of unconscious contemplation when you become lost in yourself appearing to others absent and completely elsewhere. The invasion of smart phones, tablets and social networking into our daily routines has made moments of pure thought all the more exceptional, extraordinary, beautiful.

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